Designed for Nordic conditions, the Rauli Nordic Pro range is compatible for eample with the Frontier aluminum rail.

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The mounting system is the result of cooperation between Finnish solar panel installers and roof security product designers. The design has been based on developing a reliable product line that is easy to install.

The components of the product line can be utilized in many different roofing materials. The Nordic Pro All in one mounting bracket is suitable for almost all tilting roofs. The solution for a tiled roof is the Nordic Pro Strong series.

Thanks to our “Easy tight” mounting method, we can tighten the bolt using a cordless machine on the front of the bracket. The bracket is secured by two points, which makes the installation strong and sturdy. Thanks to its strong construction, the system withstands the weather conditions in Finland and is safe against wind and snow loads. Rubber seals are installed under the brackets against the roof, so there is no need for a separate sealing compound.

Material is SSAB high-strength steel and stainless steel. The products have a 30year warranty.

Rauli Nordic Pro StrongRauli Nordic Pro Strong RSTRauli Nordic Pro All In OneRauli Nordic Pro Strong
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