We design and manufacture our products ourselves. Perhaps you are planning something unique and a suitable solution is not available on the market yet?

Our Tailor Made system is perfect for you.
Design. Production. Testing. RAULI Tailor Made.

Exquisite skills in the installation of solar panels as well as the production of structure-fixed systems can be found in the background of RAULI products. Our products are manufactured at the Vesivek factory in Orimattila where we also have access to our own test laboratory.

Not all our customers want to replace everything. The RAULI Nordic Pro brackets was designed to be compatible with the customer’s previously used mounting system. The roof brackets are of the guaranteed RAULI quality, and the rails and mounting accessories are the familiar old ones.

There are many types of buildings. We had the honour to participate in the implementation of a solar panel system for a building constructed in 1853. No existing mounting system was suitable for the building's manually forged roof, so we produced unique roof brackets for our customer. A similar solution was achieved at an old farm where the owner wanted solar panels to be installed on an almost one-hundred-year-old brick roof.

RAULI products undergo comprehensive stress tests to ensure that the system can withstand European weather conditions. Due to its strong structure, wind and snow loads do not cause a danger.

The material used is SSAB high-strength steel. The product has a 30-year warranty.

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