The new dimension of efficiency is here. The RAULI APP is ready to assist you in all your projects.

RAULI APP is a new type of calculator for solar panel industry professionals. Speed and excellent customer experiences have also been our starting point in the development of the RAULI APP.

RAULI products have undergone comprehensive stress tests to ensure that the system can withstand European weather conditions. Due to its strong structure, wind and snow loads do not cause a danger. In the calculation of components, the RAULI APP considers local standards as well as the coordinate-based wind and snow loads and uses this data to always offer a safe and strong mounting solution for solar panels.

The RAULI APP is an excellent tool for retailers. You can use the application to quickly check the outer dimensions of the field and ensure a problem-free installation. You can print a comprehensive report from the calculator for your customer, which will indicate component quantities as well as the standards according to which the wind and snow loads have been calculated.

If you wish, you can plan your system with higher loads than the regional snow loads, if you want to reduce the load on the roof structures or roof tiles.

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