There are two players behind the RAULI brackets who are pioneers in their respective industries.

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Suomen Aurinkotekniikka Oy is one of the most experienced solar system installation companies in Finland. The experience of tens of thousands of solar panels and hundreds of installations has provided a solid professionalism, as well as a vision for efficient and safe installation.

Nesco Oy is part of the Vesivek Group with more than 35 years of experience in the manufacturing of rainwater and roof safety products. The experience gained over the decades is gaining market comparisons.


The collaboration brought together experts from two different professional groups at the same design table. This know-how has been utilized in product design and manufacturing.

In the product development, discussions were held on the details of installing solar panels and on manufacturing high-quality components. The Orimattila plant uses modern production methods and a test environment. The plant's capacity enables uninterrupted availability of components throughout the year.


Behind the RAULI brackets is active product development over the years. The aim was to reduce the installation time and the design of the new brackets was started already in the early days of Aurinkotekniikka. In addition, we wanted to develop a complete mounting system that is very good in quality. Innovations are utilized in all products.  

- Brackets designed for brick roofs do not require auxiliary ribs and do not need to be grinded with an angle grinder. These changes save working time and make installation considerably safer. The weight of the system is transmitted through the brackets to the ribs, thus practically eliminating the risk of brick cracking. The end result is durable and long-lasting.  

- The Easy Tight method developed for the Nordic Pro range allows you to use a cordless machine to tighten the profiles, eliminating the need to work with slow ring spanners.

- All in one bracket is suitable for almost all types of tilting roofs, except for tiled roofs. They are made with Strong series brackets. Multiple roofing brackets reduce the number of components required and make it easier for the installation company to manage material flow.

- For the All Black range, we developed the Easy Click attachment method. Fixing the rail to the bracket is done by bolt-free hand pressing, which significantly speeds up the rail installation.

- The installation rail of the All Black system works telescopically, eliminating the need to extend the rails with separate extension pieces and shortening the rail ends over the panel. For example, cutting with a cordless reciprocating saw will be eliminated and installation will be faster.

All brackets are secured from two points to the rib, which makes the installation rigid and sturdy. Thanks to its strong construction, the system withstands the weather conditions in Finland and is safe against wind and snow loads.


Unfortunately, the availability of components for solar panel operators is a familiar challenge, especially during the season peak. RAULI brackets are manufactured at the Nesco factory in Orimattila, which is capable of efficiently serving the needs of a large market in a short delivery time.

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