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High-quality mounting system for elegant installation of solar panels.



High-quality mounting systems for efficient and stylish installation of photovoltaic systems. All products are designed by Finnish solar panel installers and roofing safety product designers. Production is entirely in Finland. The material is SSAB steel. With a high degree of domesticity, we offer a very reliable supply chain and a 30year warranty.

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WALL mounting system for wall-mounting. When installed, the solar panels float freely between the profiles, which makes installation particularly rapid and efficient.
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NORDIC PRO brackets for tilting roofs. All products are compatible for example with Frontier aluminum rail. Thanks to our “Easy tight” mounting method, the rail can be secured with a cordless machine on the front of the bracket.
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ALL BLACK is our flagship. The innovative range includes a complete mounting system from brackets to rails. Black mounting system is well suited for dark roof surfaces with the black solar panels.
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Are you designing something unique? Our Rauli Tailor made Service is for you. We design mounting systems for your needs.

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There are two players behind the RAULI brackets who are pioneers in their respective industries.

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